The TUFF PLUS series lamps are one of the most popular and valuable products in their lighting range. The first generation of LED HEADLIGHTS was an instant hit, and today they have made changes to the stand, body, light output and number of LEDs.

4D Lens Dual Rows LEDLight Bar-Model-33 (5)

  • With an already forward-thinking (lighting?) design and package, it is hard to improve upon perfection. I mean, this thing was ahead of its time. It was ahead of the curve, and TUFF PLUS made it better. Not only does it use more power and make more light, but it is also smaller with a newly designed bracket.
  • If mounting was an issue, it will not be anymore. Now there are more adjustable trunnion brackets than the original pedestal bracket, a lower profile, and an improved cable system out the back. All these new features can be pushed harder with the improved thermal efficiency and use of the latest and greatest LED chip technology.

4D Lens Dual Rows LEDLight Bar-Model-33 (1)