You see people with them on all the time, in different colors, and even different beam patterns, but

what makes a good fog light?

When it comes to fog lights, there are several bulb and housing options to choose from. They may not be used all the time or even every day, but fog lights can be extremely helpful for driving in inclement conditions.


2 in 1 LED Jeep 4 Round Fog Lights-Model A0206 (20)

Just like with headlights, your options are near unlimited. You can choose your housing, your bulb, the color of the beam, and even the beam pattern. Today we will be going in-depth into what makes for a good fog light and talking you through all the options.

90mm LED Headlights - Fog Lights&Turn Signal Lights-A0126-(9)


  1. Different from low and high beam headlights, fog lights are made to assist you during low visibility driving conditions. Thick fog, torrential rain, snow, dust, and other similar conditions are times when fog lights are best utilized.
  2. Fog lights are not always necessary to drive with and their purpose is illustrated in their intensity and beam pattern. Firstly, fog lights are set up to illuminate the ground in front of you. They have a sharper, and wider beam pattern to cut through those low visibility conditions we mentioned before.
  3. Second, these lights are placed usually very low on a vehicle. Fog lights are typically found on higher-trim levels as standard. As modern lights on new cars become more capable, fog lights become less necessary making them more of a style choice, than anything else.


Univerasl Type LED Fog Light - Model A0203 (18)

This is not to say you cannot or should not buy quality fog lights, but that your options are not completely restricted by buying the brightest that you can. In fact, the brightest fog light is not always the best fog light.


  • Ideally, your beam pattern should be an extension of your headlight beam pattern. The fog light should sit comfortably between the front of your car or truck and meet or overlap slightly with your headlight’s beam pattern.
  • Having a fog light that outshines your headlights will not help your overall visibility. Your headlights are meant to give you the proper ratio of brightness from about 25 feet to about 150 feet in front of your vehicle. Having too bright of fog lights will bring the focus of your eyes to the nearest point of your vehicle rather than down the road.
Univerasl Type LED Fog Light - Model A0203 (16)

Univerasl Type LED Fog Light – Model A0203 (16)