Smart Lighting Design

When operating a heavy loader, it is important to have a full 360 degree view. Depending on the size of your loader, you will need to equip it with different sets of lights. In particular, the operation of small loaders on public roads must comply with national traffic regulations.

When entering working conditions, loaders need to provide a good environment for the operator to complete the work in a safe and convenient manner. The light distribution of our work lights eliminates stark contrasts between light and dark, giving you a more comfortable work environment and less eye strain. If you’re operating a heavy-duty loader, the lack of sharp contrast is beneficial. Most of our work lights are calibrated to a color temperature of approximately 5000 Kelvin, which has a proven motivating effect on vehicle operators. Around 5000 Kelvin is perfect for outdoor work. The light is bright enough to keep you energized, but warm enough to avoid eye strain.

Emark R10 27W Led Round Work Light -Model F0108 (12)

While lumens are a good indicator of how much light an LED light puts out, more lumens doesn’t automatically make one light better than another. Some manufacturers like to talk a lot about theoretical lumens, but the number of lumens is of little benefit if other parts are not optimized for the LED chip. That’s why we always measure and publicly disclose the working lumens value, which is closer to the actual amount of lighting you’ll get.


Suitable for use in extreme conditions

Whether you’re working in extreme heat or freezing cold, you can rely on our LED lights. Rigorously tested in our in-house laboratory, all of our LED heavy industrial loader work lights are thermally protected and operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (185°F) remains fully functional over the temperature range. Essentially, your lights will stay on even if your other devices are overheating.


Plus, your new LED work light can be easily connected via a built-in waterproof, high-quality 2-pin Deutsch DT connector. The system is waterproof when used with the supplied DT plug. No external moisture can penetrate the lamp’s electronics, causing it to short out over time.

3 inch Round Led Work Light-Model F0302 (10)

Applicable to a variety of models

TUFF PLUS is the preferred LED light manufacturer for heavy vehicle manufacturers in many countries, if you have Volvo, John Deere, CAT, Case or any other type of heavy equipment such as tractor, excavator, front loader, backhoe, skid steer Steering, Bobcats and more, be sure to get your LED lights from TUFF PLUS. Rest assured that you will always get the latest and cost-optimized LED lights for your vehicle.