Why do people need amber

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LED Warning Lights are used for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

Increased visibility. When amber lights are attached and operated on a vehicle, that vehicle becomes immediately more visible to both other road users and pedestrians. When working in dark or busy areas, this visibility provides an extra layer of protection.

The use of amber lights helps to distinguish between general road vehicles used by the public and more official vehicles, such as those used for work or official voluntary tasks.

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Awareness. When used for emergency vehicles, amber lights can create awareness for other road users and encourage them to give way to a vehicle that is moving towards the scene of an accident. Additionally, lights allow other road users to know when they are approaching the scene whether its road construction or that of an accident, and to take the necessary care as they approach the area. This is often seen with Tow Trucks attending roadside accidents and breakdowns.

Safety. The extra lighting provided by amber emergency vehicle lights can provide illumination to road crews and other workers.

In addision, amber LED lights have to be efficient enough to meet a number of purposes as well as meet certain requirements and regulations to be used on public roads.


If you’re going to install amber lights, then you will be pleased to know that there are a wide range of options to choose from that can suit all vehicles and purposes. It is important to know that if you are going to fit LED Warning Lights to your

vehicle or fleet that you use your due diligence and ensure you meet all legal requirements for the colour and light you plan to use.

As for the type of light to choose, we mainly produce safety warning lights in the following categories:

LED work light: 

White work lights typically cover most of the illuminated area, providing full coverage and additional light sources. Most of these lights are very powerful and are sure to attract the attention of those nearby.

LED forklift light:

As the name suggests, these lights can be mounted on forklifts to help workers provide visibility in dark, cramped environments such as warehouses. Similar to the LED strobe light, the key point is that the forklift light has four colors of red, yellow and bar white, and there are more options.

Most of the lights we sell are suitable for a variety of different purposes.

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Which safety warning light do you need?

Choosing the right light for you means asking yourself a series of questions to see which light is best for your purpose. If you have any questions about emergency lights, the TUFF PLUS team can help.