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LED forklift Arc Zone safety warning light-Cyclone(11)

Forklift blue light – forklift safety light supplier
● application:
all forklift used in warehouse, forklift used outdoor, a handing vehicle for use in a warning light on the site, a excavator for use in a warning light on the site

forklift red lights – forklift warning lights wholesaler

Blue Red Orange Green LED, Spotlight Forklift Warehouse Pedestrian Warning Light Safety Light for Forklift or any Industrial Equipment
Alerts pedestrians and other vehicles to forklifts approaching dead ends and exiting semi-trailers
Projects an intense blue spotlight 16 to 24 feet in front of the forklift to alert others to oncoming traffic
Suitable for all 12v, 24v and 48v applications
CE, ROHS certification

Are lights required on forklifts ? 

Forklift zone warning lamp is an exceptionally effective safety system that should be used on all forklifts. The device highly increases the comfort and safety of every working environment and its use can help reduce the number of accidents – including all incidents involving pedestrians.

Why using Zone Danger Area Light at Your warehouse?

Safety – easily noticeable precise safety lines this warning system guarantees secure working environment for both pedestrians and all machine and industrial vehicles operators.
Convenience –in order to displayed the safe zone
Flexibility – the blue red forklift lights can be mounted both on the sides and at the back of the vehicle. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of different vehicles

How Does It Work?
Blue red green are zone forklift emergency warning safety light is effective at keeping pedestrians at a safe distance from the forklift work area. All thanks to special LED or LASER light, creating a “safe” arc for the forklift.

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