90mm Fog light+DRL / Turn signal light (yellow)  —   $ 26

•Feature : DRL / Fog Lamp •Plug & Play: Easy installation •Fit as a replacement for most modern fog Lamps

Univerasl Type LED Fog Light - Model A0203 (16)

  • Fog Light Power Consumption:10W
  • DRL Power Consumption:11W
  • Turn Signal Light Power Consumption:10W
  • Protection Class:IP67
  • Certificate : ECE, E9, R148, R149

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They are ideal as an LED Bus headlight. An LED RV headlight, and LED Tractor headlight, or an LED headlight for a custom kit car.
You can choose from either a dedicated LED low beam, a dedicated LED high beam, or a combination lamp with low and high beam together.
They may not be inexpensive, but are among the best 90mm headlights in the world.
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  • BEAM PATTERNS: Low, High, Combo Turn Signal light
  • BUSES: Yes